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Dr. Imran Rasid

Dr. Imran Rasid is one of the leading physicians of the world. He is an American and Canadian Board certified therapist, specializing in anxiety and pain control. He is the only MD who is practicing different tools and modalities of therapy in the state of NJ. As a physician, Dr. Rasid spent the first 18 years of his career working in several hospitals in Europe successfully treating patients with issues involving pain and stress. While working in that role, Dr. Rasid realized that medicine had it’s limitations when dealing with pain and stress. Being determined to make life better for his patients, he added different modalities of therapy to his expertise as a tool to enhance the effectiveness of treatment. It was through his therapeutical practice, that Dr. Rasid came to learn first hand about the power of the mind and its ability to ease the pain. He successfully helped patients deal with stress and anxiety in an effective and empowering way. Through his ongoing success with pain management, Dr. Rasid has gained fame in Europe. He was featured on national TV as an expert in “Benefit of therapies for anxiety and pain“ and was also on the cover page of the Doctors Scientific Magazine.
Dr. Imran Rasid holds an MD (Europe), Master Practitioner in NLP (USA) Ph.D. in Clinical therapy (USA) and Certifications in CBT, DBT, EFT, REIKI, CHt etc. (CANADA)
His degree in Medicine (MD) from Europe was recognized by the American University as comparable to the standards of competency necessary for Doctor of Medicine (MD) from a reputable American University (Faculty of Medicine).


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Rapid Results

Typically, in a session, Dr. Imran can help you make positive changes to your life through therapy. He helps you come out of the state of mind that is keeping you from living.

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Dr. Imran is a humble, compassionate family man and author with over 20+ years of experience as a Clinical therapist in New Jersey (USA) and Europe. He has the ability to achieve rapid results.

Top Doctor Referred

Dr. Imran is often the top choice referral for medical and wellness practitioners in New Jersey when it comes to complementary, alternative treatments like therapy.

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If you are unhappy, depressed, addicted or unsatisfied with the direction that your life is heading in,  call now and transform your life today with Stress Reduction Clinic.

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