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When I started seeing Dr. Imran. I was blind-sighted by a divorce. I was depressed. I gained 50 Pounds and was drinking way too much alcohol every day. Now I lost all the weight. Thanks to Dr. Imran, I don’t drink. I can’t imagine how he did that, but I don’t have the urge to drink. I’m not as stressed. I am definitely not sad and I think it’s amazing and it’s all because of him. I do recommend people to Dr. Imran Rasid for therapy.

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Hi, my name is Alexa I have been seeing Dr.Imran for a couple of months now for some stress and anxiety related issue. He has helped me to feel better every day, to be a lot happier, to be more stress-free and anxiety free and I think he is done a really great job. He definitely cares about what he does, and that shows through his work, so I appreciate all that he has done and highly recommend him.


I am a patient of Dr. Imran. My name is Eleen. When I came to Dr. Imarn and I was 66 pound, more than I am now. He has helped me to lose that weight and we are going to continue to work losing weight. I had anxiety and depression. My anxiety is reduced, my depression is gone. I feel weakness from week to week and Dr. Imran helps me to get rid of that. I recommend him to anyone who needs him because he helps. He is very compassionate and he is very helpful. I am very happy I came here.



Hi, my name is Ted Cooper and since joining Dr. Imran here about It’s been about over definitely over a year now, I quit smoking.  I have lowered my suboxone intake drastically. And honestly, I just have a more positive outlook on life in general. Every class that I have taken, I just come out feeling a little bit more alive, feeling better by myself and just be able to feel like contribute more to just this society and just you know just everything I do. Honestly, it has been the best experience. I recommend to anybody that needs help in any kind of way.


When I first came to Dr. Rasid, I suffered from anxiety, depression, sleepless night, and after three months of working with him, I slowly start to see these things go away. My anxiety has been much better. My panicky attacks are not existent now. I am no longer depressed. I am able to get the whole night sleep now actually, and that was all within 3 months of working with him. Now, we are actually working on weight loss and, I have managed to lose almost 50 pounds over the past couple of months. So, It’sUnbelievable, my wife sees the change in me, my family sees the change in me and I couldn’t be happier right now, So, I am going to continue to see Dr. Rasid as long as he is doing this. I couldn’t be happier, I would recommend him to anybody.


Seeing Dr. Imran, for almost 2 years now and when I’ve started seeing him we were meeting for kind of just generalized anxiety and I seen him for a couple of issues, I’ve seen him for hair pulling, we have done sessions on skin picking and cuticle biting, migraines. Overall Dr. Imran just gives me a new outlook on life. I’ve been a lot more positive and that I could take the tools from his sessions and apply them to my own life when I’m not meeting with him. I’ve grown a lot since meeting with Dr. Imran I would refer him to anyone with struggling with any type of issues whether physical, mental, addictive just needing an overall boost in your life and your-self worth.

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Hi my name is Bob. I’ve been a patient for Dr. Imran for close to 2 years. I would say he’s done a terrific job with handling my situation which was absolutely a stress problem which was a plateful over many things work. My father’s illness he has Alzheimer’s and how to deal with that things are progressing with Dr. Imran. He’s helped me tremendously and he actually cares about the individual. He’s just not your everyday therapist where you would go and then treat you and that’s it let’s go to the next patient. He cares believe me and I don’t know what I would do without him. He’s been such an inspiration for me to get through these hard times in my life and I would recommend to anyone to see him for any psychological problem.

Testimonial 8


I’ve been seeing Dr. Imran for about six sessions now. I came with countless struggles like suicidal ideations, panic attacks, severe depression, struggle with motivation and coping skills. He very well knows how to handle panic attacks, how to cope with daily life, how to take new strategies and put them into place to be more effective in my daily life. The process is all about the mind and body connection. A physician understands that he has to take care of the whole person, not just a single aspect that medication doesn’t solve problems so they just sort of mask them for you so he delves deeper into your subconscious mind. Within the six weeks, I really feel the beauty of the life. Now I am motivated. He gives me the tools which needed to be a successful person so I would refer everyone to Dr. Imran.

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