We welcome you to the Stress Reduction Clinic New Jersey where Dr. Imran Rasid, a top and professionally experienced hypnotherapist, is available to the rescue to overcome stress, phobias, and increase your confidence. The clinic is focused on unleashing the best hypnotherapy practice in New Jersey, and Dr. Rasid is a top-notch hypnotherapist in the area.

Why Turn to Hypnotherapy in New Jersey with Dr. Imran Rasid?

As far as your quest to find the best hypnotherapists is concerned, Dr. Imran Rasid should be the first and the only name to pop up in your mind. The years of experience and a theory to perfection, Dr. Rasid has gained him the status of an expert hypnotherapist who has guided many people to their stress-free and new levels of personal growth. His compassionate approach and the tailored-made sessions make him a trusted choice for those looking for effective and individual-based solutions.

Expertise in Children's Hypnotherapy

At our clinic, we know that in children, extreme reactions like anxiety and stress are not uncommon. Dr. Rasid specializes in hypnotherapy for children, offering kind and age-adequate methods to handle conditions like fears, bedwetting, tension related to school, and more. We seek to establish a secure and caring place that develops your child’s emotional welfare.

On-Line, In-Person and Accessible Hypnotherapy Services

We always want to bring hypnotherapy near every person. Greeting you either face to face meetings or online hypnotherapy, Dr. Rasid provides both options. That’s the beauty of working with him; he will be available to you no matter where you live and whatever time you want.

Targeted Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Phobias can, at times, disturb one’s daily activities, but hypnotherapy can be so powerful that it can help one to overcome it. Dr. Rasid is the therapist for phobia treatments based on hypnotherapy customized to address the root causes and help you develop greater resilience. It doesn’t matter if you’re afraid of flying, heights or small spaces — our clinic is here to help you change the way you feel and get rid of your fears.

Build your self-confidence with hypnotherapy

Confidence is the basis of personal growth and success. If you want to boost your self-esteem and the level of your self-confidence, hypnotherapy for self-confidence by Dr. Rasid can be very effective. During the scheduled sessions, you can activate your subconscious mind by using it to build up a healthy self-image and unlock your potential.

Customized Approach to Hypnosis in New Jersey

Our clinic is unique because Dr. Imran Rasid always provides hypnotherapy services which are personalized. Each session is customized to your individual requirements and expectations, resulting in the most focused and efficient help. Dr. Rasid is willing to spend time to understand your negative aspects and achievements, which he uses to come up with a personalized approach that leads to lasting changes.

Contact us for a consultation

If the prospect of stress reduction, personal growth, and empowerment excites you, let us consult you for at Dr. Imran Rasid. Experience the power of hypnotherapy in New Jersey and start with the first step to a better, more fulfilling life. Your wellness is high on our agenda, and we can assist you to realize your desired outcomes.


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic technique that makes use of hypnosis to create a state of deep relaxation and altered state of mind. In hypnosis, the subconscious mind becomes more perceptive to positive suggestions and imagery, which lead to overt behavior change and covert emotional healing .

Yes, of course, hypnotherapy is safe when done by a well-trained and experienced therapist such as Dr. Imran Hypnosis is the normal state that most people have on a daily basis. An example of this is when daydreaming or while you are completely immersed in reading a book. In the course of hypnotherapy, you will be able to remain in control and could halt the session at any time.

Hypnotherapy might be useful for different conditions, including stress, anxiety, phobias, smoking cessation, weight management, insomnia, and chronic pain. Dr. Rasid is a specialist in solving these and other related problems using a personalized hypnotherapy approach tailored to your unique situation.

The number of sessions necessary is contingent upon the individual and the issue being dealt with. Some clients may exhibit remarkable improvement after only a few sessions, while others may require on-going support that will extend over a longer period. In your initial consultation, Dr. Rasid will analyze your needs and give you the best treatment plan.

Indeed, hypnotherapy is very effective for children, but only under therapy of an experienced specialist, such as Dr. Rasid. Children are commonly more susceptible to hypnosis because they have a rich imagination and the natural ability to enter trance naturally. Dr. Rasid specializes in children's hypnotherapy, which he carries out in a gentle and age-appropriate way that is suitable for helping children to overcome different issues.

Coverage for hypnotherapy can differ based on your insurance company and policy. Some insurance plans do cover hypnotherapy sessions, especially if the medical necessity is established for a specific condition. We suggest you contact your insurance provider directly with questions about coverage choices.

Yes, Doctor Rasid provides hypnotherapy sessions which can be conducted in person at our New Jersey clinic or online, using secure video conferencing platforms. Online hypnotherapy sessions offer the same level of personalized care and effectiveness as in-office sessions, allowing you to engage in therapy in the comfort of your home.

Yes, it is commonly known that most of what happens during hypnotherapy sessions will be remembered. Although hypnosis creates a state of deep relaxation and intense concentration, yet you remain aware of the environment and can recollect the session later on. Any ideas and perceptions suggested in hypnotherapy will be integrated into your conscious mind for full change.