Welcome to our clinic where the focus is on stress reduction through EMDR therapy based in New Jersey. We know how stress causes disruption, and our committed team is reachable and ready to guide you towards a recovery path that promotes both healing and resilience.

The Fathoming of stress and its consequences

Stress accompanies life, however, when it turns out to be an overpowering and lasting phenomenon, it can produce consequential effects on people's psychological and physical vital signs. The effect of stress is not limited to mood disorders and depression; it can manifest itself in the form of sleep problems and body aches and pains, compromising our general well-being.

What is EMDR Therapy?

EMDR is a strong and validated therapy which helps the people with trauma, anxiety, etc to get rid of stress related disorders. Firstly, EMDR, which was developed by Francine Shapiro in the 1980s, has since become a popular approach to dealing with various distressing symptoms and building up resilience. The EMDR therapy procedure is based on the access and processing of the painful memories and related experiences that are stored in the brain to enhance the elimination of emotions and their effect on lives. At the core of the emotional trauma therapy lies a series of eye movements that are guided by the practitioner or another bilateral stimulation technique. In this way, clients go back to the scene of the trauma and re-enact it in a secured and controlled environment. This leads to the memory being resolved and the trauma fades away.

Our Methodology About Stress Management

At our clinic, we subscribe to the notion of holistic stress reduction and seek to tackle the root causes of distress as well as to empower our clients with the requisite practical tools and strategies that they can use to manage stress more efficiently in their lives. The skill team of the licensed therapists, who are professionally educated to EMDR therapy and other evidence-based modalities also make sure we provide you comprehensive and customized care.

What to Expect?

At this stage, we will set aside time for you to talk about your issues and set targets together with one of our specialists. Therefore, in a joint effort, a treatment plan that is perfect for your situation and style will be produced and EMDR therapy among other crucial therapies will be utilized. Every EMDR session is of the duration of one hour to one and a half hour which on one hand you will work alongside with your therapist to identify and process the target memories. In the beginning, the process may cause some anxiety or pain. However, with the process, many clients find themselves feeling some easiness and resolution when they are sober.

The usefulness of EMDR Therapy as a de-stressor is proven

  • Rapid Relief:EMDR therapy is celebrated especially for its effectiveness in eliminating traumatic memories with its ability to produce short-term and sustainable relief, resulting in tangible improvements and quicker recovery.

  • Lasting Results:The EMDR therapy that tackles the root causes of stress and trauma allows for a long-term healing process, and the clients with a renewed sense of empowerment, energy and strength can start their lives afresh.

  • Safe and Non-Invasive: EMDR therapy is a safe, and non-intrusive therapy method that is free from side effects of medication and unnecessary or prolonged exposure to traumatic memories which gives confidence to people of all ages and backgrounds.

  • If you are ready to take control of your stress and reclaim your life, we are here to help. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step towards healing and resilience with EMDR therapy at our clinic in New Jersey. Let us support you on your journey towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.


EMDR therapy is definitely a powerful tool that does work for many people with trauma, anxiety, phobias and any other stress-related conditions. But it's crucial to consult a therapist you trust well, who can establish if EMDR therapy is your way forward in mental health.

The time to see EMDR therapy results is determined by a number of things including the person experiencing symptoms severity, the fact that some issues are complex and the person's responding rate to treatment. A few people might notice the difference in just a few sessions, whereas it needs an extensive therapy plan to help others attain their goals and expectations.

The main objective of EMDR therapy is to provide clients with a secure and non-traumatic treatment that doesn’t inflict any injuries. Whereas the treatment could be initially triggering or even painful as new layers of memories are exhumed, the therapists are qualified enough to ensure that the patient is fully supported and is thus able to cope with the kind of feelings that confront them both during and after sessions. A lot of the clients state that whilst they are going through the therapy, they feel a load being lifted from them and the inner peace.

Studies have proven consistently that some patients’ improvement lasts for a long time and the amounts are very significant as they affect the quality of life and well-being. EMDR treatment is based on the identification of the roots of stress and trauma and, thus, it enhances long term healing and vitality which strengthens the persons in that way that they can live again with courage and enthusiasm. That said, different results can emerge as some customers experience less drastic changes which might be supplemented by occasional "touch-up" sessions to top up the effects they already had.

In contrast to the major component of talk therapy which is solely verbal processing, EMDR therapy integrates bilateral stimulation with the use of eye movements or tapping, adding to the speed and efficiency of memory or trauma processing. This approach enables clients to deal with and process traumatic issues at a much faster pace and in a more efficient fashion than just through not only talking about them.