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Why wait when you can get a solution in your home without visiting anywhere. Stress Reduction Clinic is now offering COVID-19 Stress & anxiety online Therapy program to all. Talk with Dr. Imran Rasid for any issues like Stress, Anxiety, Depression, fears, phobia and addiction.
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Dr. Imran Rasid
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Dr. Imran Rasid

Dr. Imran Rasid is a Masters Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and a Ph.D. He is MD who is practicing different tools and modalities of therapy in NJ. He is also certified as a counselor, Addiction Counselor and therapist. He is an American and Canadian board-certified therapist.
Everybody challenges the sign and symptoms of Stress, Pain or both, almost every day. But unfortunately, they do not take care of it as they should and therefore they suffer a lot.
Dr. Imran cares about how people are treated, how they live and how they are treated when they seek help.
No doubt the therapy can address and resolve a broad spectrum of concerns, issues and symptoms.
It can help people to increase many positive qualities, such as

  • Joy
  • Compassion
  • Peace
  • Self-esteem
  • Spiritual connection
  • Love
  • Dr. Rasid is one of the leading physicians of the world, who is also an expert in therapy. He is trained in Europe, Canada & USA.
    Tele Therapy: 201 835 0536
    Therapy for Stress Management
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    Therapy for Pain Management

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    Therapy for Fears & Phobias

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    About Online Telephone Therapy
    Tele Therapist in NJ, in general, have different approaches to the treatment of phobias, pain control, stress management etc. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to meet the therapist you have chosen in person so that you feel comfortable and confident regarding their approach, academic qualification and medical background.
    What Therapy Can Do
  • It can improve your health.
  • It enhances your body to function in a healthy and efficient way.
  • It eliminates stress, anxiety and depression.
  • It makes you quit smoking or limit your unwanted weight.
  • It eliminates or decreases the intensity of the pain.
  • It improves memory and concentration.
  • It removes fear and phobias.
  • It boosts motivation.
  • It relaxes your body.
  • What Therapy Can NOT Do
    1. It will not make you tell secrets that you don’t want to share with anyone.
    2. It will never make you do the things against your will.
    3. Therapy cannot make you lose control over yourself.
    4. It will not delete your memory.

    Stress Therapist in NJ

    Welcome to the Stress Reduction Clinic, the best place for getting a good stress therapist in New Jersey. At our clinic, we realize that stress can affect all areas of your life, such as relationships and your overall mental health. This is why we offer individualized online and telephone counseling sessions that address various types of stress including but not limited to: issues on relationships, break ups, marriage problems, work stress and depression. Our experienced team of therapists specializes in providing real-life skills that help you through difficult times get back on track with life. Be it stressful moments or when you need assistance over a particular problem consult our NJ based stress therapists who are here to ensure you find relief, hence obtaining long term peace of mind. Set an appointment today by calling us, thus taking your first step towards a better life.

    1. How can a Stress Therapist help me Regain Control of My Life? +
    A support system tailored to your needs provided by a stress therapist, giving personalized strategies and support, ensures that you go through tough times which finally enable you to take control of your own life.
    2. What Strategies Do Stress Therapists Employ? +
    Various approaches are used by therapists, like cognitive-behavioral therapy among others. Some of these are cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness practices, relaxation techniques and communication skills. This technique helps them to assist in managing anxiety and enhance general wellness.
    3. How long does it take to be able to see results of therapy? +
    Each person is different, so it may vary. The severity of your stress, your commitment to therapy and the effectiveness of the techniques used are some examples of factors that can determine how long it takes for you to see results. Nevertheless, many people have reported their symptoms getting better after only a few sessions.
    4. Can stress therapy help with relationship problems or work stress? +
    Yes, this kind of treatment can tackle specific concerns like relationship issues among others such as work-related pressure, depression and anxiety among other things. Our therapists will provide support customized for your needs, which means that we offer individualized care.
    5. Can stress therapy be effective for managing chronic stress? +
    Stress therapy is very helpful in dealing with chronic stress. Our therapists are taught ways through which you can learn coping skills, relaxation techniques and make lifestyle changes in order to live better lives, thereby lessening the effect of such continuous stresses.
    6. How do I know if I need to see a stress therapist? +
    It might be useful for example when you experience ongoing feelings of anxiety or depression; stressed out about what’s happening in life; or even struggling with any circumstances that mean nothing about who you truly are as an individual. A therapist specialized on managing stresses could assist one realize and treat the underlying factors causing discomfort.
    7. Will my sessions with a stress therapist be confidential? +
    Yes, confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of therapy. Your sessions will be conducted in a safe and private environment, and your therapist will adhere to strict confidentiality standards to protect your privacy.
    8. Am I supposed to attend therapy once per week? +
    The frequency of therapy sessions depends on your personal circumstances and preferences. In some cases, people would benefit from a weekly session; others prefer bi-weekly or monthly appointments. Your therapist will assist you in deciding what is best for you.
    9. What will happen during the first meeting at the stress therapist’s office? +
    At that time, it will be necessary for your counselor to understand your worries and learn about your treatment objectives. Therefore, they may want to know about your background, current stressors, past experiences with treatment so as to adapt their approach accordingly.
    10. How do I schedule an appointment with a stress therapist at the Stress Reduction Clinic? +
    Scheduling a session is simple! To secure one such appointment, just reach us via phone/email. Our friendly staff will help you identify the most appropriate time when we are available.
    Mon – FRI
    8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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